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I’m Back.. Maybe.. I Think I Am.. I Hope

I am back! I have been away for a while (clearly) but, I have missed all of my readers. And thank you so much for sticking with me even throughout my absence 🙂 You are the best readers in the … Continue reading

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They Grow Up Fast

Maybe it’s just me, and it very well might be just me, but… Are girls growing up a lot faster today? Seriously! I have seen a lot of naked females in my 23 years. And, to be honest, when I … Continue reading

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Poem: My Body Belongs To Me

My body belongs to me Not to anyone but me I should be able to live free Express myself however I see I should have the God given right To choose the way I fight And not live in fright … Continue reading

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Nudity Tears Down A Wall In Communist Vietnam

The Summer of my 16th year on this planet I went on a mission trip to Vietnam. But since Christian Missionaries are not allowed in Vietnam, I was teaching English on a 6 month work visa. See, nothing illegal there! … Continue reading

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Ask Nude Sophie: Too Much Exposure

Another very important question question in the #AskNudeSophie series. @ImmortaLXXIX: Is getting an erection taboo and is being spread eagle equally as taboo? What level of taboo is it as well? #asknudesophie I think most nudist/naturists will answer this question … Continue reading

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Ask Nude Sophie: What Do I Enjoy Most About Being Nude

Here is the latest addition to the #AskNudeSophie series. @NickTheAlexis87 asked @NickTheAlexis87: What do you find most enjoyable about being nude? #AskNudeSophie This is a great question and one that I have an excellent answer for! The most enjoyable thing … Continue reading

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Ask Sophie: Where Won’t I Go Naked?

I asked the question on my Twitter page what would my followers like for me to write about. Many followers responded with some great ideas. A few of them will take a little time ie. writing a part 2 to … Continue reading

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