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Active Naturists

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion whether New York City has lost/ is losing its artistic scene and innovative atmosphere – see if this New York Times article can convince you otherwise. However, I’m happy to be involved with two local artists – Andy Golub and Shungaboy – who have a unique approach to art, which allows people to participate in art rather than being its passive consumer (not that there’s anything wrong with that, though).

Andy Golub is a renowned artist that often uses body as canvas, and he often makes a performance of the process itself too by painting bodies of (often non-professional) models at public places in New York. This is probably as interactive and public as art can get: you yourself may be transformed into a piece of art, in the middle of a busy street! Nudity certainly draws attention, but it also certainly makes…

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A poem of mine that I was asked to post.
It is a loving tribute to my favorite word.
WARNING: Not For The Faint Of Heart.
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Naked Before You

This is a poem I wrote a year ago as a way to introduce myself to my readers.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Naked Before You

I stand here naked before you
Go ahead, take a look
I am not hiding anything
I am an open book.

Take a look, I beg you
I have nothing to hide
I want you to explore me
My pages are open wide

There is not much to me
I am not special or unique
I am a human female
Did you think I was a freak?

My breasts are petite
My legs are thin and long
My muff is a little hairy
Do you see anything wrong?

No I don’t shave too often
I like to let is grow
It’s all part of my natural image
None of it for show

I don’t care if I embarrass you
I am just being real
I bet you look just like me
If your clothes I did steal

So take a look at me
I am everything you see
You have no place to judge
The fact I choose to live free

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Long Hidden

An article about my awesome friend Nicci 🙂

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

NB-37-30_789We are all readers in our merry band, and some of us are writers too; but it doesn’t often happen that we have a writer join us with copies of her work in hand. This past meeting happened to coincide with the release of a new anthology titled LONG HIDDEN: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History, and one of the authors in the anthology happens to be a member of our group and came with us on our recent visit to Central Park.

So here’s another first: as long-time readers of our site know, we never use our members’ names on here, to afford everyone a bit of privacy/anonymity. But Nicolette Barischoff has given us her blessing to share hers, which we do so that you can look up her story, “A Wedding In Hungry Days.” We couldn’t recommend it more highly.

The rest of the book is worth…

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Poem: Chicks & Dicks

Its been a while (sorry) Im going to begin writing again. But, to wet your interests, here is a poem I wrote not long ago.


Chicks & Dicks

Some people are chicks
Some people are dicks
Some chicks look like dicks
Some dicks look like chicks
Some chicks have dicks
Which is quite a sight to see
Not all chicks like dicks
Not all dicks like chicks
Some chicks like chicks
Some dicks like dicks
Some chicks and dicks like both
I’m one of those chicks
Some chicks dress like dicks
Some dicks dress like chicks
And sometimes you can’t tell a chick from a dick
This is when thigs get interesting
Some chicks want to be dicks
Some dicks want to be chicks
And some chicks and dicks don’t know
So in closing to all the chicks and dicks
Love who you are
And be the best chick or dick you can be

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Naked News

A poem I wrote about the recent nude photo leaking. This is a commentary on the media’s attention to the subject.

Did you hear the news breaking today?
Another Celeb’s clothes have been stripped away!
The photos are shocking to everyone whose seen.
The hacker who found them has been called quite mean.
I don’t know the full story. I’ve only heard bits.
But according to my sources, Jennifer Lawrence has tits!
Nobody would have guessed it. How could they know.
But I’m now being told he has a vagina below.
This is a huge find! A day to be known!
Jennifer Lawrence gets naked when she is all alone.
I’ve watched all her movies. Where she is all dressed.
I didn’t know she was naked under them! Now I feel stressed.
Children have seen her, and grandmothers too!
If they knew she had tits, maybe they’d boo.
Will she ever get work? Will she continue to act?
Now that her secrets have been publicly cracked.
I just hope she gets through this. And she can stay strong.
Breaking news!
I’ve got Niki Minaj in a thong!

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Nudity Tears Down A Wall In Communist Vietnam

The Summer of my 16th year on this planet I went on a mission trip to Vietnam. But since Christian Missionaries are not allowed in Vietnam, I was teaching English on a 6 month work visa. See, nothing illegal there! A group of six Brits, Australians, and I spent four months teaching English at private learning centers and working with street children to teach them skills and hopefully give them a better future. We were in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City in District 3. Our British sponsors paid to have us live in a very nice house complete with our own driver and house keeper. We each had our own room with air conditioning. Which was nice when the temperatures in the summer rarely ever get below 40C/105F. And that is in the shade!
I could be nude as much as I wanted in my room, but I wanted to get some sun as well. Not very easy in an over populated Communist city.

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