Where The Hell Do Zombies Come From?

I love zombies! I love everything about them! Zombies are some of the most sexy creatures on Earth! Well, fictional Earth…

There has been a recent swell in the popularity of Zombie Fiction and culture. We have had movies, books, TV shows, athletic events, music, parties, the whole zombie lot. I’m too lazy to look up the exact numbers, but I think all the zombie based entertainment brought in a combined Five Billion Dollars last year. That is a lot of money paid for a un-dead humans shuffling and biting their way around Earth.

The Walking Dead and World War Z were the two most recent zombie success stories. One is an amazing American TV show and Comic Book. The other is an epic novel written by the son of the guy who made Spaceballs and an absolutely awful movie made with the guy who collects babies with his goddess of a wife.


But enough of my personal views.

There is one major gap in most zombie stories.


It seems very few authors and creative artists are willing to attempt where they came from and how they managed to take over the world. They just sorta happen and spread without anyone noticing until they exist in every country. Case in point: The Walking Dead.

The show begins with Rick Grimes attempting to stop a speeding criminal with his friend and partner Shane somewhere in Georgia. There is a shootout and Rick gets shot in the back by one of the bad guys who snuck out the other side of his vehicle. Rick is sent to an Atlanta hospital, goes into a coma, and when he wakes up everyone is dead or walking around eating people. WHAT? HOW? WHEN? No explanation, just people got fevers, died and came back with the need to eat flesh. Also no explanation of how it spread around the world. Wait, did it spread around the world? Has that been discussed? Maybe it’s just America.

They do the same thing in 28 Days Later. Guy is in a bicycle accident, goes into a coma, wakes up naked for some reason, everyone is dead or a raving lunatic. In this example, we know the virus came from chimps infected in a laboratory. And, for the record, they really aren’t “zombies” just really really pissed off individuals who have red eyes and vomit blood. But, the film makers still conveniently gloss over how it spread around the British Island.

Experts the field of virology and world epidemics have already stated that if some sort of zombie virus ever existed causing corpses to reanimate, there is very little chance of it spreading world wide and ending society. Police and military would be able to end any kind of outburst before it ever really starts. Airports would shut down (hopefully) keeping the spread localized. Not to mention, unless the zombie virus also comes with some kind of preservative, they would rot, be eaten by animals and maggots, and very quickly fall apart to the point of non functioning. Also their teeth would fall out, so, you’d be pretty safe from bites.

Zombie fiction is a great genre. One of my favorites by far. And, I plan on reading and watching not worrying about how it happened. However, I would also commend any author or screen writer who would be brave enough to write about the probably boring details of WHERE THE HELL DO ZOMBIES COME FROM?!?

Don’t you think we deserve it?


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Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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3 Responses to Where The Hell Do Zombies Come From?

  1. natbiss says:

    What has ever scared me most is an old b&w living dead film I saw when I was just 12. Since then, I’m in very interested on zombie stories (even if most of them are terribly bad and unimaginative), and I’m certainly in love with The Walking Dead.
    I can see your point about the total lack of interest on explaining the origin of the outbreak, but isn’t that better than those funny pseudo-scientific reasons against all physical or biological logic that they sometimes provide?
    I rather prefer that they say that it all started because, er, because, because… who cares how it started!


    • I know 🙂 I just want someone to have the guts to attempt it. Waking from a coma is such a piss poor attempt 😉 Yes, going to sleep and waking to a shattered world is freaky and shocking, and I wouldn’t change that. I just want someone to try. Even if it sucks, I’ll respect them 🙂


  2. Admin says:

    Here’s one for you: savemefromthezombies.wordpress.com


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