They Grow Up Fast

Maybe it’s just me, and it very well might be just me, but…

Are girls growing up a lot faster today?

Seriously! I have seen a lot of naked females in my 23 years. And, to be honest, when I was five, I thought 12 year old girls were adults. (Isn’t that funny how we think that) But, when I was a 13 year old nudist going to nude beaches with my mother and sisters I didn’t remember girls being so “grown up”. There are always exceptions. Ive always had tiny breasts and my older sister (and later my younger sister) grew watermelon sized breasts quite fast. But, as a whole it seemed to me that when I was between the ages of 12 and 15 all the girls around that age had rather small undeveloped breasts. More like puffy nipples than actual breasts. Then somewhere around 16 they started taking shape and becoming the form of breasts they would own for the rest of their younger life. (Sadly, as we all know, women only have a few years of fun and perky before things start moving South.) Maybe this wasn’t your experience, but that is what I seem to remember from my youth. You could easily determine a girls age by their relative body shape.

However, sometime not too long ago things seemed to change. Teenage girls began growing up so quickly. It happened so fast, I felt like I had fallen asleep for a decade and woken up to witness the events of today. There is a pretty good teenage population at the beaches I frequent, and I feel I have been provided with a pretty good cross-section of young females.

When I was 19 I was attempting to form a nudist social club for youth 18-22. Basically college aged. My intentions were to meet at the beach or at my house, hang out naked, and talk about issues. I started walking the beaches asking questions and inviting people who fit the right age group. This is when my lesson began.

I had already talked to some guys and gave them the information. Then I saw this girl. She had to be older than me. Quite tall with long legs and round developed breasts that sagged a little. I began talking to her, got her name, and all that small talk then I invited her to my group. “Oh, I’m in High School… I’m turning 15 next month.” *Jaw Dropped*

This trend continued. Girls with developed womanly bodies, only 14, 15, 16. All of them I guessed were at least 20. What happened? I saw a 13 year old girl with tits the same size as my 21 year old sister! Was she born with a “B” cup? Not only did this shock me, but made me feel quite the runt!

What happened? When did girls start growing up so fast? And what caused it?

I have heard more hormones in milk and meat that cause them to mature faster. But, could it be society as well? The things that 13 year old girls did 50 years ago seem to be quite different from what they do now. They are expected to grow up and become sexually active. Have their bodies somehow figured this out and decided to catch up?

I’m ranting, and didn’t really have a solid idea of what I was going to say.. But, seriously, why? What? Who? Where? When?

Does womanhood now start at 14?


About The Nude Writer

Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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12 Responses to They Grow Up Fast

  1. jeffhaynes says:

    The hormones pumped into milk and food products is definitely having a very real and proven effect in this regard.


  2. barefootnudist says:

    With all those hormons and other substances we have in our food maybe womanhood will start at 5 some time in the future.


  3. barefootnudist says:

    Reblogged this on barefootnudist and commented:
    Interesting thoughts.


  4. johnkutensky says:

    Well, I don’t have the anatomical view that you do, but from having worked at summer camps, I can say that a lot of teenage girls look much older than I’d expect. It would be interesting to see whether this is a historical sort of observation, though. Maybe centuries ago, people were saying the same thing, just like how complaints about young people these days are immortal and perennial.


  5. 1humbleguy says:

    Your stories are always well written and very interesting. Would be neat to see the world through your eyes.


  6. mgosburn3 says:

    When you become a parent, you notice this too. Fortunately I just have a son. When walking my sons school for parent teacher conferences, or just watching the kids return home from school, I have to sit back and wonder…were the student in my high school as developed as they are now. This is not to say that I am a creep or anything, but making general observations. Teenage boys with full grown beards that would make any dwarf envious of, and teenage girls…well, I think you already touched basis on that.

    I don’t really have an answer, there is a lot of strong evidence to suggest the chemicals and hormones added to food for better crop yields and harvests, but then there is also the push from society encouraging our kids to grow up too fast. One day they are playing with Legos, the next they are asking to borrow the keys to the car.


  7. Lee Farrow says:

    My sister is a nurse and she has said that there is evidence to the growth hormones in chickens may play a part in this. The hormones are unaffected by the cooking process so mothers unwittingly pass them to their baby in their womb. I think improved diet must also play a part, certainly in Western culture, even compared to when I was a child in the 1960s and 1970s there is far more choice available today than there ever was.

    I have also seen similar to what you describe. We were staying in a small resort a few years ago. We were sitting by the pool and started chatting to a couple whose three children were playing in the pool. They invited us over in the evening for some food and a few beers and we became good friends, we still keep in touch today. The point being that I was surprised to see them watching their children at the pool as their eldest was easily 16 – 18, as it was a nudist resort it was obvious that was the case. However I was completely shocked to discover she was 13! She was very tall, nearly 6′, and had the figure and breasts a lot of women twice her age would never have and plenty pay a lot of money to try to achieve.

    On the last night of our holiday we all went to a pub for a meal and a drink. I went to the bar and their eldest went past the bar to the toilet. It was funny watching every guy in the bar watch her walk by, I was thinking… “If only they knew”…


    • Great comment! Thank you for your input both scientific and experienced. I have seen large chested 12-13 year olds too. All I can think is either “She is going to have back problems” (since I imagine they will keep growing) or “She is going to need a taser in school to keep the boys away”. My sister got all the attention, and still does. I have been able to stay pretty unnoticed. πŸ™‚
      Thanks again!


      • Strangely, though, her two sisters, who were a year and two years younger “looked” their age.

        Maybe a man I notice it more, but it does seem as though girls seem to start developing much earlier than boys do now, although I guess a girl’s development is perhaps more obvious from the start.


  8. bubbasan says:

    Regarding hormones, they’re no longer allowed in poultry, egg, or swine production, and many dairymen and cattlemen are phasing them out for dairy and milk production. So given the drop in beef and dairy consumption, the trend is wrong for the issue to be hormones in animal feed. Could be something with the chemicals used, but has never been proven statistically.

    What is happening, and has been happening since the 1800s (when typical onset of menses was at age 17), is that (a) our diet is getting richer with proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals and (b) we are keeping a lot of that protein and fat on our bodies. Hence typical onset of menses (menstrual cycles) is at age 14 or below now. Hence young teens look a lot older.


  9. Suzie says:

    I am a 15 year old nudist, and I have to agree…girls are developing younger. I have a couple of my friends who would pass for 20, and here I am with my B-cups…what kind of hormone injected chicken are they eating? Please pass the plate!


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