Poem: My Body Belongs To Me

My body belongs to me
Not to anyone but me
I should be able to live free
Express myself however I see

I should have the God given right
To choose the way I fight
And not live in fright
If you don’t agree with what I write

Breasts won’t kill
So take a pill
I’m expressing my free will
So don’t throw me downhill

For this I should not be lashed
Nor should my head be bashed
My name will not be trashed
Any my blood will not be splashed

No government can judge
Push me and I will not budge
I will rise out of the sludge
And I will continue to drudge

My body belongs to me
Not to anyone but me
I should be able to live free
Express myself however I see


About The Nude Writer

Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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7 Responses to Poem: My Body Belongs To Me

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  2. barefootnudist says:

    Reblogged this on barefootnudist.


  3. 1humbleguy says:

    Well written, I like your writings a lot.
    Feel free to check out mine, you may like, too.


  4. Happy Bare says:

    Good for you. That is an excellent photo.


  5. eunuch says:

    Here’s a poem at Verde Hot Springs, Arizona. It’s one of the best clothing optional places in the state but it’s 1.33 hours on a dirt road and hard to find at first (keeps the prudes away!). Tons of nude art on the walls.
    They come from the city,
    They come from the country.
    They come with no food, they come with no water,
    and they ask, “Where’s the Circle K at?”
    They come with booze, and they come with drugs
    and they come with their puritan views.
    They come from different countries, they come from
    different states. They even come with their own gurus.
    They come for the beauty, they come for the serenity.
    They come with their axes, cutting down trees.
    They come with their clothes, they come with
    their religious views and they say, “Oh my God
    you’re a bunch of nudes!” They come from near,
    They come from afar and ask, ” When’s the next trash pick up?”
    They come as rangers, they come as cops.
    They give out tickets for no tops.
    They come in their vans, they come in their cars.
    They come with no shoes and say,
    “Oh my, the hot springs are how far!?”
    They come with their mates,
    They come with their girlfriends,
    and they leave with new friends.


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