Naked Before You

This is a poem I wrote a year ago as a way to introduce myself to my readers.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Naked Before You

I stand here naked before you
Go ahead, take a look
I am not hiding anything
I am an open book.

Take a look, I beg you
I have nothing to hide
I want you to explore me
My pages are open wide

There is not much to me
I am not special or unique
I am a human female
Did you think I was a freak?

My breasts are petite
My legs are thin and long
My muff is a little hairy
Do you see anything wrong?

No I don’t shave too often
I like to let is grow
It’s all part of my natural image
None of it for show

I don’t care if I embarrass you
I am just being real
I bet you look just like me
If your clothes I did steal

So take a look at me
I am everything you see
You have no place to judge
The fact I choose to live free


About The Nude Writer

Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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6 Responses to Naked Before You

  1. mgosburn3 says:

    Great poem, but I was wondering if you meant to use the phrase: “I like to let it grow” instead of “I like to let is grow”


  2. Ivan Akirov says:

    Love it


  3. Eccentric Art Model says:

    This is great! Thank you for writing and sharing this.


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