Making A Topless Statement

Maybe this has been going on forever, but more recently I have become aware of nude and topless protests. The most well known one are the world wide events put on by FEMEN. I am sure many of my readers are fully aware of FEMEN. To summarize they put on large public protests on various topics. Top-freedom, Women’s rights, The Pope, War, Rape, and other respectable causes. However, no matter the cause, they are almost always nude or topless. FEMEN protests always seem to get a bit out of hand as well. Given, I have never been present for one of their protests, but what I see in the media is a lot of yelling, screaming, and naked women getting arrested. Maybe the media only chooses to show the violent protests, but I have yet to see any that don’t involve handcuffs and bloodshed.

As a woman who would love to see a clothing optional world I can get behind a lot of what they stand for. I find it ridiculously unfair that men can walk around bare chested as much as they want, but if a woman dares to expose one nipple or breast feed in public, they are verbally assaulted and ridiculed. It is a very unfair standard that I would love to see ended in my lifetime. (Actually much sooner than that because I would like a few years to enjoy it as well)

So, that is me, and that is where I stand. I, however, do not take much pride in the more “in your face” protests for women’s rights and top-freedom. I feel groups like FEMEN give people like me a bad name. I ranted a bit on my Twitter page this morning about the reaction of acress Keira Knightley posing topless and un-photoshopped  for Interview Magazine. She posed for the purpose of stating that she is tired of being photoshopped and wanted to see people in her natural form. I love that she did this, I hate photoshop as well. It gives women today the feeling that their body will never be movie star quality. When, of course, even movie stars aren’t movie star quality. The public reaction is what really set me off. First of all, seeing Keira Knightley’s tits is like seeing the moon. Everyone has seen them and if you ever want to see them all you have to do is look. She has stated before that she doesn’t mind showing her tits because they are so small, nobody really cares. So, everyone going nuts saying “Oh my God, look what Keira Knightly did.. isn’t she so brave?” is a bit of a moot point. I’m not afraid to say it, She has nice tits! Now, if she were a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy, I feel it is fair to call her brave. Based in how society feels, personally I think breast cancer survivors are beautiful.

I’m getting off my main point. She didn’t do anything brave. Chelsea Handler didn’t do anything brave. Lena Dunham didn’t do anything brave. They are women, they have tits, they chose to show them. I want a woman showing her breasts to be the most natural thing in the world. Nobody looks twice when a man is bare chested. I want it to be the same reaction for women. I don’t believe women are going to achieve physical equality until we stop making such a big deal out of it. Go into town, take off your top, walk down the street. Don’t hold up signs demanding free breasts screaming at the top of your lungs. All that does, in my eyes,  is paints topless women as radicals. Society will think you have to be a rebel with a death wish to show your body in public. Regular members of society do not want to be seen as rebels and they will stay far away from this cause.

There, of course, is the other factor of the sexualization of nudity, but that is a different topic for a different post.

Breasts are soft, wonderful protrusions on a woman’s chest used for feeding babies. They are the most beautiful and natural things in the world. Breasts are not weapons. When we stop using them as such, I feel society will stop fearing them.

I know we are not a day away from total equality. I know we still have a lot more work to do. I encourage all women to look at themselves in the mirror. Accept how beautiful they are. And, without making a grand statement, let everyone else realize the same thing.

Please follow me on Twitter @TheNudeWriter. This post was written out of love. I do not mean to offend, and if you disagree with my statements please be respectful.


About The Nude Writer

Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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13 Responses to Making A Topless Statement

  1. Matt says:

    Sophie, I have a draft article along similar lines that’s going up on KFFBS later this week…. seems you beat me to it 🙂

    Protests are one vehicle for effecting change, but they’re not the only one – and they’re far from the most effective, often tending to alienate more people than they attract. What really seems to work, time after time, is when individuals and small groups just go ahead and start living the change they want to see, quietly and without hype or hyperbole. Pretty soon, the new and better idea starts to spread. It’s much harder to oppose a good idea if its advocates aren’t creating any trouble in the process.


  2. Check out the efforts of Serenity Hart Last year Serenity started this campaign and has been around the world promoting top freedom.


  3. Reblogged this on Naturist Holidays in Europe and commented:
    Breasts are soft, wonderful protrusions on a woman’s chest used for feeding babies. They are the most beautiful and natural things in the world. Breasts are not weapons. When we stop using them as such, I feel society will stop fearing them.


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  5. The Activist says:

    Protests are good but its strange how things like the WNBR brings a different response from the public than someone who lives a full naturist lifestyle


  6. graham says:

    whats the difference from a guy who suffers from gynecomastia and a woman going topless


  7. kohler says:

    There’s hundreds of miles to be nude or topfree in public. Just come to the western U.S. and there’s unlimited wilderness. America has a fundamentalist Christian background so topfreedom and especially nudity is illegal in most places. However, if a prude sees a free person out there the nearest cop is far, far away. Of course when there’s not cops there’s always something else. I’ve been lost out there twice starting when I was about 8 and I’ve even had to drink my pee! When I got my 1st job awhile back I bought GPSs, bear spray, animal repellers (for M. lions), Nite Guards, venom extractors, etc. There’s lots of nudist pools & hikes so if you ever come just ask for a list (I don’t check this email).
    As far as topfree equality goes the best site is the Topfree Equal Rights Association at It tells how the discrimination laws get struck down.


    • My only response here is that people THINK topfreedom is illegal in most places, but careful readings of the laws in most states will show that the language often does not treat male and female breasts differently. It’s just that the public who calls 911 and the police who respond don’t usually know this. For this reason, I have taken to contacting police departments a week or two before I walk bare-chested somewhere. It allows them to research the topic and wrap their minds around this new reality. I have been walking bare-chested in very public and busy places for the last two years all over the East Coast of the US and have never been arrested. But I know the laws very well before I go somewhere.


  8. Naked Dan says:

    I just had the following exchange with a friend on Facebook about Chelsea Handler’s topless on horseback photo…

    NakedDan One of the points she was trying to make is to question why her shirtless image should be censored when Putin’s isn’t.
    Yesterday at 18:12 · Like · 1

    Prf I like the censoring. I find it interesting. The censoring is necessary for her because she’s hot doing that and Putin is not. One if the requirements in one of the Supreme Court’s rulings & definitions of pornography is appealing to a “sexy” (I forget the word they used. . .I think prurient) interest. Him sexy? Nah. Her? Absolutely. To a lot more people. (And I’m not arguing that hers is or is not pornography. Just sayin’).
    2 hrs · Like

    Naked Dan But she’s not doing anything differently than he is. She’s just shirtless on horseback and not doing anything to make herself sexy. The nude body is not inherently sexy; society just tells us that it is. Back when I was 18 and wanting to model for art classes, I went to a couple of open drawing sessions. My drawings were terrible, but I was there to see how the models did what they did and how they interacted with the artists. Every time I went, they had female models. Wanting more information, I went to the bookstore and looked through the textbook that the figure drawing classes were using. There happened to be a few photos taken from inside life drawing classes, and in those photos, the female models were all nude. But the male models were wearing jockstraps. I was appalled, Jockstraps were not meant to be seen but meant to be worn under clothing. And the models I saw looked rather ridiculous with their bare butts hanging out of those things. I would never have modeled in one. Why would I have to censor myself if the female models didn’t? We were not there for sexual purposes; we were there so students could learn the anatomy. And wearing those jockstraps just seemed so impure, as if I should be ashamed of myself for some reason. Luckily, I went ahead and modeled and never had to wear a jock strap. I got to be as pure and nude as the female models, just as God created us. I think Chelsea feels some of what I felt when I had to think about modeling in a jock strap, that something is unfair when she can’t do the very same thing a man can do.


  9. This is a great article, Sophie. You will find this sentiment echoed in my article, “So You Want to Free Your Nipples” and throughout my articles. I have worked very hard to normalize the sight of bare female breasts by doing things most people would consider normal, only bare-chested. Carrying signs, shouting slogans and confronting people is scary to most people and will not gain us social acceptance. When people ask me what I am doing, I simply say, “I’m walking.” When they ask me what I’m protesting, I say, “Nothing. I’m just walking.” When they ask me why I’m not wearing a shirt, I say, “Because I prefer to be bare-chested.” That’s it. No big statements, no arguments. It’s normal. It’s healthy. It’s legal. Thanks again for your article. ~ Gingerbread


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