Ask Nude Sophie: Too Much Exposure

Another very important question question in the #AskNudeSophie series.

@ImmortaLXXIX: Is getting an erection taboo and is being spread eagle equally as taboo? What level of taboo is it as well? #asknudesophie

I think most nudist/naturists will answer this question the same way. Don’t show too much. If guys get an erection then it is proper etiquette to turn over, go into the water, or find someplace private. Ladies some leg separation is ok, but it’s not acceptable to put your genitals on full display. Any of us who have been nude in public for any period of time probably have experienced some kind of “taboo” physical action. Guys become erect, and women might spread their legs a little too far. It happens and it is completely natural. The way one handles these situations is what separates the natural and the taboo.

If a guy becomes aroused, it is something that happens. If he announces this fact, waves it around, or goes as far as pleasuring himself, he has gone beyond the boundaries of appropriate. This is not acceptable.
If a woman falls asleep and her legs drift, it is innocent. If she spreads them far, props up her knees, and appears like she is lure the glances of others, she has entered the sexual realm. These actions are not welcome in a clothing optional society.

However, there is another factor that I feel should be mentioned in this area. Becoming a positive member of the nudist community. If a group knows you, knows you are respectful, and would never act inappropriately, then any of these natural actions might not be seen so badly.
I will share a quick story about one of my little sister’s friends. When’s she was in her early teens she had a guy friend whose family was also clothing free. He was a very nice boy, came from a good family, and was respectful to others. And, like most teen boys, he suffered from chronic erections. Like all the time! At home, in school, on the beach. All the time. As you might expect, this caused him much grief. I’m sure he used a lot of energy trying to hide them or stop them all together. Normally, he would just need to lay belly down or go for a swim, but this would require him to be face down or in the water all the time. Fortunately for him, everyone knew him and everyone knew he was good and respectful. His naturist friends and family were willing to let him be erect and once it stopped being such a big deal, nobody noticed, and he stopped getting them (all the time).

Boys have penises and girls have vaginas and they do some pretty funny things. There is no way to hide them, so the way a naturist deals with them is the real difference maker. Don’t be inappropriate, don’t flaunt it, and build your reputation in the community. Achieve those guidelines and you will be free to be you.

I’d love to hear other’s opinions on this topic. And if you want to ask your own questions to be answered on this site send them to my Twitter page @TheNudeWriter and use the tag #AskNudeSophie


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Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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19 Responses to Ask Nude Sophie: Too Much Exposure

  1. davidwheatleyphotography says:

    Male erections are not always due to erotic thoughts.

    It has been written recently in a medical journal in the UK that the male will have anything up to half a dozen erections in any 24 hour period.

    This is due to there being no arterial blood flow inside the penis, there is no pulse, and these erections are for the purpose of cleansing and carrying away dead cells and other impurities inside the penis.

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  2. IceBreaker says:

    I once got an erection after a woman danced with me at a nudist resort evening dance, and EVERYONE saw it. They thought it was hilarious…. but just like you said, everyone knew me and understood the circumstances, and they didn’t hold it against me.

    I will say that, when posing in art, I sometimes being depicted or photographed with an erection. I think that, in nude photography, a male erection displays masculinity, prowess and vulnerability all in one. Even though an erection is symbolically sexual, in this context I don’t see it/mean it to be.

    At the same time, I recognize that an erection is not appropriate in a nudist setting, because it generally is a product of sexual arousal in the context of a nude beach. If I was in a gym shower next to somebody with an erection, I would definitely assume that it was the result of sexual arousal and I wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt. I WOULD be offended if somebody was erect in a gym shower with me, but not really if I saw it on a nude beach, as long as they weren’t being overtly sexual with it. To be honest, I’d probably look at his erection for comparison’s and curiosity’s sake.


  3. I’d like to see the reference to that journal. This is brought up from time to when this subject is discussed by I can never find the medical reference. Could point me to it?


  4. barefootnudist says:

    I agree with your thoughts but male erections are not always the result of sexual excitement. I sometimes get one if I have to go to the toilet really urgent.

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  5. barefootnudist says:

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  6. Hamish says:

    Men get erections through out the day that are not related to thoughts of a sexual nature, some more than others, but that’s natural, that’s life.
    I’ve only been on a few nudist beaches around the Med, I’ve seen and had a few accidental erections, but no one seemed to notice, so there was no big deal.
    I agree that it’s totally out of order if the person is deliberately drawing attention by pleasuring himself and / or leering at others, then that’s sexual, no argument.
    As for women, there’s not a problem with open legs if there’s no intention to attract the attention of others. I’ve sat and chatted to women who’ve been cross legged with everything on display, but both perfectly comfortable.
    Sadly, I guess there will always be the odd perv’ who will see something as sexual in something that is perfectly innocent!.


  7. davidwheatleyphotography says:

    In reply to “HomeClothesFree”, I just did a very quick ‘Google’ and found this article from which I lifted the last two paragraphs:

    ” The average man experiences five erections during a night’s sleep. It seems to be your body’s way of ensuring that oxygenated blood continues to flow through the penis, and this helps keep the penile arteries clean

    The skin of your member is susceptible to heat and moisture, which can cause heat rash or fungal infections. Treat it with respect, soap and water, clean underwear, and over-the-counter remedies when needed. Talcum powder before a sweaty workout can help prevent the dreaded jock itch”

    There are many others if you search diligently. 🙂

    Best regards David (onboard my yacht off the south coast of the UK).


  8. natbiss says:

    I love your point of view. In our naturist world, we are somehow suspicious of other people’s intentions. We want to break the connection between nudity and sex, but it seems it is engraved in our minds and we sometimes see sexual connotations in natural reactions of our bodies.
    Having said that, I always feel awkward if I have an erection in a nude beach. No matter if nobody notices it, I feel urged to hide it. Too scared of somebody misunderstanding it or feeling offended.


  9. phx3 says:

    since you said you love to hear opinions………………
    I’m in my 20s & never get erect when nude around anyone. I never had a sense of embarrassment when it comes to skin & clothes make me miserable like dressing a cat!! The other commenter is really talking about wearing underwear? not me
    Having spread legs is nonsexual and there’s nothing wrong w/ it.
    We still must be positive when forced to wear clothes because no one lives long feeling bad. just dont think about it


  10. pavlosfrgr says:

    you dont “suffer” from erections,you enjoy them.Thats how its suposed to be.


  11. Jason Lee says:

    hi Sophie

    I disagree a guy should use etiquette

    if he gets an erection at a nude beach


  12. Jason Lee says:

    some nudist camps (resorts) in Europe will tolerate an erection


  13. Jason Lee says:

    some nudist camps (resorts) in Europe tolerate erections


  14. Jason Lee says:

    some nudist camps (resorts) in Spain probably tolerate an erection


  15. John Harvey White says:

    Thinks for writing this,i just started on my life as a nudist,and beginning to let my friend know my decision.and looking for answer to my question


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