Ask Nude Sophie: Disabled Nudists

Today’s #AskNudeSophie question comes from @hamishnude. He asked:

@hamishnude: Have you ever seen any severely disabled nudists? #AskNudeSophie

I have been to nude beaches and clubs all around the world, so yes, I have seen my share of disabled nudists. Some of them had minor physical impairments and others were severely disabled or disfigured. Many were missing an arm or leg. I have met a few confined to a wheel chair. But, there was one disabled nudist I was quite fond of, and one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

He was a young Austrailian man in his early 20’s. I don’t quite remember his given name because his friends called him “Trunk”. There were two reasons for this pet name. First he was blessed with some of the largest male genitalia I have ever seen. The second was his penis was the only appendage he possessed. “Trunk” was born with severely undeveloped arms and legs. His legs were amputated and his arms were no more than a couple small bumps coming out of his shoulders. He and his friends were on holiday and they had placed him in a cart and pushed him down to the beach. Someone might think taking him to a nude beach was some sort of cruel joke, but nothing could be further from the truth. Trunk loved it. He allowed me to sit on the beach and talk to him. I learned that his parents had instilled in him a sense of positivity. That his disability was far from disabling. Yes, there was not much he could do on his own, but because he was so energetic and kind, he always had friends willing to help him. Of course, he recieved plenty of ill glances, but he chose not to let that bother him. He found no shame in his body and loved who he was.

Whenever I hear someone say they aren’t attractive enough for to be nude in public, I tell them about my friend Trunk. If he can live a naturist lifestyle, there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to.


Hope you enjoyed my story. I am always looking for more topics of discussion. If you have a topic you would like me to write about ask me on my Twitter account @TheNudeWriter and use the tag #AskNudeSophie



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7 Responses to Ask Nude Sophie: Disabled Nudists

  1. stagsa says:

    What a guy! Makes you wonder why so many people are ashamed of THEIR body.


  2. Reblogged this on Naturist Holidays in Europe and commented:
    This Trunk guy seems like a nice fella. I would like to meet him and get to know him.


  3. We’ve shared this article plus added a link to the ‘Disabilities and Naturism’ section of our website:


  4. Being disabled and always wanting to try some form of naturism, apart for access my main issue isn’t seeing others of different shapes, ages etc. naked or being naked in front of them or anybody; but it’s the reaction & looks from others of my very imperfect, deformed and the sight of my full disabled body. I hate the idea of offending or making other uncomfortable at the sight of my full disability. The main reason I want to try naturism is to try and be more comfortable with my body and feel it’s acceptable to others, that they see it’s just another body which was given to us at birth and it’s the person living within that’s important and I’m judged on that and not the body I’m living in, but my body is fully accepted by them.

    So it’s very nice to read your comments on how accepting you are of someone with a disability, I find younger people (like yourself) are either fully accepting or just can’t see past the body (looks), I’m not sure if it’s due to you being a naturist most of your life or just your experiences in life that has made you understanding.

    I’m still trying to find / decide how best to get into / try naturism for the first time, that’s easily accessible for a wheelchair user and with others who’ll be accepting.


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