Virgin Skin

I am re-posting a story I wrote a while back about a 17 year old girl trying clothes freedom for the first time while visiting her Grandparent’s beach house. This story was also a little for me. Since I was born nude, grew up nude, and stayed nude, I never actually had a “First Time Nude on the Beach” story. I was probably an infant! So, here it goes. Hope you enjoy!

Virgin Skin

By The Nude Writer

Becky was visiting her Grandparents over the summer.

They lived by the shore in a little beach house.

This is the first time she had visited them at their summer house and she was not entirely thrilled.

Her Grandparents were significantly older and quite frankly were not a lot of fun.
Days with them usually involved playing Gin Rummy and watching golf on TV.
Becky loved her grandparents, but being a city girl, the slow pace of life was a bit too much for her.

She also was not thrilled because she was not much of a beach girl.
Becky had lived in the city for the entirety of her 17 years and had become accustomed to the sounds of the city, and the convenience of having coffee shops and music stores at easy access. Her parents had suggested she spend the summer at the beach with her grandparents because they felt she needed to unplug and break her city girl personality.

Becky was about 5’6 on the thin side and had long dyed red hair which contrasted her pale skin and black clothes which was her style of the time. She wasn’t full on goth, but she enjoyed being a little different and a little dark.

Becky had been at her grandparents house for almost a week and had not yet stepped foot outside. She also had not spent a lot of time with her hosts. It’s not that she wanted to be rude and anti-social, but she was 17 and Grandparents are not that cool at that age.
She spent most of her time in her room listening to music, drawing and writing dark poetry about having to spend a whole 3 months in this beachfront Hell.

It was Sunday morning and Becky was confined to her room when there was a knock at the door.

“Becky, I hope you aren’t planning on spending your whole summer hiding in here”, her Grandmother said through the door.

“No, Grandma.. I just feel like being alone right now.”

Grandma responded, “I know how important alone time is for a girl your age, but this room is not very exciting, why don’t you take your writing to the beach?”

Becky growled.. “I’m not much of a beach girl”

“Why don’t you give it a try, it is really nice down there and it’s a private beach so you don’t have to worry about boys bothering you.”

Becky really didn’t want to go to the beach, but she knew if she didn’t her Grandmother wouldn’t leave her alone. So, she packed up her pencils and paper into her bag and left the security of her room.

Noticing that she was still wearing her long black cargo pants and black t-shirt her grandmother said, “Oh, Becky, don’t be silly, you can’t go to the beach wearing that, why don’t you change into your swimsuit?”

She did, in fact, have a swimsuit in her luggage. It was the same dark blue one-piece that she had owned since she was 14. She hadn’t grown very much in that time, so it still fit.
Not wanting to get in an argument with her grandmother she slipped it on and then put her clothes back on so as to not ruin her style.

She headed down the path through the tall grass and brush to the beach. When she escaped the cover of the grass she felt the cool sea breeze hit her face for the first time.
Her grandfather had set up two lounge chairs for the rare times they might go down there.

“Great, no umbrella, I am going to fry down here” Becky said to herself.

She propped up the back of the chair and sat down with a pencil and pad facing the ocean and stared into the blue looking for inspiration.

Nothing came to her, but how boring this was.
At least she was all alone, that was the one positive she took from this.
She would be happy is nobody ever came along.


Becky sat on the beach listening to the waves crash, the birds call and the wind rustle through the tall grass. She was very bored which was clear in her writing. A poem about the pain of being alone, A story about the last woman on earth and a dirty limerick or two about how stupid of an act sitting on the beach was.

The longer she sat, the hotter it got.

She was still wearing her long cargo pants and t-shirt.
Because of her pale skin, she did not want to expose herself to the sun and ruin her milky white complexion which was all part of her image.
However, she could fight it no longer.

She first took off her shirt and then her pants.
Because she had not planned on wearing her swimsuit, let alone having it be the only piece of clothing she would have on, she had not properly groomed her bikini area. But, this was ok because as her Grandmother told her, it was a private beach and nobody should come around to bug her.

She rubbed on sun lotion SPF 50 in an attempt to salvage her skin tone.

“Why is this stuff so hard to rub in” She thought to herself as she noticed how she looked even more pale with the thick lotion on her skin.

Becky gave up the fight to rub in all the lotion and continued with her drawing.

It had not been too much longer when she heard voices.
Her natural reaction was to cover up and run away, but before she could do that she realized that the voices were coming from the next private beach over and they sounded young.

“Great, just what I needed” She said to herself “Some beach people making noise and playing volleyball or something.”

Becky was about to leave and return to the house, but she decided to take a peek and see who was making all the noise. As she walked to the stone sea break which divided the beaches she made sure not to be noticed because the last thing she wanted was to be invited to run around and act a fool with some beach loving airheads.

She carefully climbed the stone wall and glanced over.
What she saw was more than she expected.

A group of 10-12 late teen to 20 somethings playing beach soccer and they were all nude.
No shirts, no shorts, no swimsuits, not even shoes, Nothing between them and then sun.

Becky, was shocked and a little scared, but she could not look away.
“I thought nudists were all old hairy people, I’m sure they are drunk or are doing this on a dare” She thought to herself. The thought that this was totally crazy kept running through her head, but still, she could not look away.

Becky had not seen a whole lot of naked people in her young life.
She had only been with a guy once, and her high school had private shower stalls.
The more she watched the more she wanted to watch.

Guys and girls all naked together, breasts and balls bouncing around.
Everyone of different shape and size.
Becky tried to not focus on the guys penises, but she did catch a good look at a few.
She felt a little turned on and frightened at the same time, and her mind started to drift.

It was at that time she noticed that one of the girls had seen her but before she could invite Becky into their weird naked cult, or whatever it was, Becky ran back to the lounge, grabbed her stuff and went back into the house.

Becky blew past her grandparents sitting and reading the paper.

“Have a fun time at the beach” Her grandmother asked, but Becky was back in her room before she could answer.

She lay in bed thinking about what she saw, trying to sort it all out in her head.
Becky wondered who these people were, and why they did what they did.

She did not say much at dinner, and went to bed early.

Becky had a lot to think about.


Becky did not get much sleep that night.

The images of those people running around naked with each other raced through her mind.
She wondered why they did this, who they were, was this a one time thing or do they do this all the time. She thought what if they were a cult, Were they a club, when they weren’t playing soccer on the beach did they have all out orgies back at their house. And would they be back?

These were the questions that ran through her mind all night.
Becky really didn’t know what to think.
To her nudity had always been something taboo, something sexual, something that was not supposed to be flaunted in public like this group was doing.
But, there they were, a large group of guys and girls naked together and seemingly having a good time.

Becky was confused and turned on a the same time.
They did seem to be having fun..
She started to wonder what it would be like..
Could she be naked in public? And if so, could she be naked around a large group of people who were just as naked?

The thoughts completely took over control of her brain.
Even if she wanted to fall asleep, she knew she couldn’t, she was way too excited.

Becky rolled over and looked at the clock “Damn.. 3 AM”

She got out of bed and went into the bathroom looking for a way to cool off and relax.
She thought about masturbating which was her usual method of cooling off when she had sexual thoughts in her head. “No”, she thought “I’m not sexually turned on, this is something different.” Becky realized that she had seen something new, and the thought of it excited her. The same kind of excitement when you start a new hobby, or read an exciting book.

But, no matter what her thoughts were, she was still feeling hot and overwhelmed, so she decided to take a cool shower.

Becky slipped out of her t-shirt and underwear and got into the shower. The cool water felt good on her skin. She felt like she had been laying out in the desert and needed to soak in some refreshment.
The shower worked, she did not feel as worked up as before, but the thoughts still lingered in her mind.

She got out of the shower and toweled off.

In front of her was a full length mirror. Becky let her towel fall to the floor and she looked at her naked body. She had always liked her body. She felt she was the perfect height and weight. She loved her medium sized perky breasts and how her nipples pointed slightly up. Her legs were nicely toned from riding her mother’s stationary bike and her butt was perfectly round. She grabbed her breasts and pushed them together. She laughed remembering how important breasts were when she was younger and how when she got older she wanted them to be huge. But, again, she liked what she was given. She grazed her fingers through her light brown pubic hair. One of her friends had convinced her to shave it off one time, but she hated it, she liked having a soft carpet on top and planned to keep it that way.

Becky was sure she loved her body, but she wondered if she would be able to show it off in public. How would she feel if she did that? Would others love her body as much as she did?

Becky decided she would go back to the beach and find out tomorrow.


Becky woke early the next morning.
Well, to tell the truth, she never really fell asleep.
When she did have a chance to drift off, she had vivid dreams of being nude on the beach and people catching her. Hiding in the bushes, her parents seeing her, losing her clothes and having to sneak back into her Grandparents’ house totally naked.
These were scary thoughts. So scary that she kept trying to talk herself out of it.

It was 6am. Becky felt this was early enough that nobody would be walking on the beach, but with enough sun that she could actually feel that she was outside nude during the day.
She slipped into her dark blue no frills swimsuit, put her clothes over it and flew out the back door.

Unlike other old people, her Grandparents liked to sleep in and she figured that if they did wake up, they would think she was still sleeping and would leave her alone.

Becky walked down the path through the tall grass and brush to the two lounge chairs. She tried psyching herself up as she walked. “Just get on the beach, take off your clothes, sit for a while and get out. That way you can say you have done it”, she said to herself. She remembered a few of her friends streaking at a party last year. She had no part in that, she was rebellious, but not that rebellious. “They didn’t get in trouble, then again, they did it at night”, she thought.

The sun was already more than half over the horizon and a few rays of light were hitting the chairs. Becky saw this as the perfect time of day for her first nude experience to qualify.

Before she dove right in, she took a little stroll down to the water’s edge and looked down the beach. Other than a few gulls, it didn’t look like there was another person for miles. All these beaches were private anyway, and separated by rock walls, so Becky felt confident that nobody was going to stumble upon her. She kept an ear open, however, just in case some dog walker or fisherman came strolling by.

She walked back to her chair, but kept looking over her shoulder, on the off chance that the sea grew eyes and could glance upon her. She took off her pants and t-shirt and lay on the lounge chair.

An anxious feeling of excitement and fear came over her. She was going to do this, she had to do this, nobody was around to stop her from doing this. It’s only a naked body anyway, what possible harm could come from it.

After taking one more look around she pulled down one strap of her swimsuit and slid her arm out. She then took her arm out of the other. A tremendous rush came over her as she casually rolled the top half of her suit down to her belly exposing her breasts to the sun and the sea. It felt good to feel the cool breeze on her perky breasts. She closed her eyes and took in the moment, she was half way there.

A gull cried out and she flinched, but it was just a gull and gulls don’t care how you are dressed.

Becky braced herself for the next big move.
The move that would complete the dare she made with herself, that would perminately ink “I was nude on a beach” into her personal record book.

She looked around one more time then slid her hands into the sides of her swimsuit and slowly pushed it down her legs, over her knees, and off.
The rush was amazing. She was nude, she was nude outside, She was nude and nobody could take that away from her.
Becky gave a little smile and giggle of excitement. She didn’t smile often, but this was so fun and adventurous she couldn’t help it.

She sat up and looked around out of habit. “Stop that”, she told herself “This is a private beach, nobody cares.”
She ran her hands over her body just to make sure it was all real.

Becky had planned to be nude for a few seconds and then put her suit back on and get out of there.
But this felt way too good and she was having too much fun. She felt powerful and she didn’t want it to end.
She eyed the calm sea and figured she was already nude, she might as well go for a little swim and complete the experience.

Becky got up from her chair and walked towards the water at a brisk pace. She didn’t feel the need to run, but she also didn’t want to take extra time to get noticed. She peeked around the rock wall to make sure the coast was still clear, literally. There was nobody around, skinny dipping was a go!
Becky bolted towards the water and dove in head first. The water was freezing, she didn’t think she had ever felt anything so cold on her body. Goosebumps formed and her nipples hardened to sharp points. “Probably should have seen that coming”, she laughed. It felt good though. The water massaged her as it passed by and it tickled her between her legs, which was a weird feeling, but she didn’t mind.

After taking one more look down the shore, Becky left the cover of the water and made it back to her clothes. She stood out in the open and felt the warming sun on her body, letting the moment last a bit longer. She had done it, and she felt accomplished. Check that one off her list. She put her clothes back on and didn’t bother with her swimsuit. Becky would be back later and would do this as often as she could. And maybe if the group of nudists came back, she would find the nerve to join them.

“Now, let’s just hope Grandma doesn’t notice my suit is dry”

About The Nude Writer

Im a Nudist/Naturist. I was born naked and I live naked. These are my stories and thoughts about body image, clothes free living, and anything else. Enjoy
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    Great story… although it is fictional it is a very real account of how it does feel to be nude for the first time in the great outdoors, I personally witnessed the same sensations you describe in my wife when she had her first skinny dip.

    I saw the joy on her face as she felt the water tickling her., She commented “wow, now I know why you rave so much about getting naked!!”


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    Keep up the good work


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    I need to get out and go skinny dipping.


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    @ nudeyman you spoilt the enjoyment of reading the story

    if you told me you’re a nudist I’d probably say that’s fictional


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