Being female is not disorderly

Breasts aren’t disorderly! They’d never cause trouble. They keep to themselves. Boobie Love 🙂


Blog Bush Axe edit St. Jones River, Dover, Delaware. Delaware law specifically forbids public female bare-chestedness, but not public male bare-chestedness, nor public breast exposure by transitioning people who have “female-looking breasts” but still have male genitalia

“Bare-chestedness may be legal, but a bare-chested woman can still be arrested for disorderly conduct.”  

I hear this so much from police I have begun to anticipate the argument when I email them before a walk or bike ride.

Sometimes a police officer will initially deny the legality of female bare-chestedness but that usually goes away quickly when we look at the applicable statutes, because they are almost always clearly written.

But then, almost universally, that police officer will warn me about disorderly conduct or some equivalent charge, like open lewdness or public indecency.  Having heard it so often, this is what I write now in my very first introductory emails.

“Anticipating the argument that a…

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Where The Hell Do Zombies Come From?

I love zombies! I love everything about them! Zombies are some of the most sexy creatures on Earth! Well, fictional Earth…

There has been a recent swell in the popularity of Zombie Fiction and culture. We have had movies, books, TV shows, athletic events, music, parties, the whole zombie lot. I’m too lazy to look up the exact numbers, but I think all the zombie based entertainment brought in a combined Five Billion Dollars last year. That is a lot of money paid for a un-dead humans shuffling and biting their way around Earth.

The Walking Dead and World War Z were the two most recent zombie success stories. One is an amazing American TV show and Comic Book. The other is an epic novel written by the son of the guy who made Spaceballs and an absolutely awful movie made with the guy who collects babies with his goddess of a wife.


But enough of my personal views.

There is one major gap in most zombie stories.


It seems very few authors and creative artists are willing to attempt where they came from and how they managed to take over the world. They just sorta happen and spread without anyone noticing until they exist in every country. Case in point: The Walking Dead.

The show begins with Rick Grimes attempting to stop a speeding criminal with his friend and partner Shane somewhere in Georgia. There is a shootout and Rick gets shot in the back by one of the bad guys who snuck out the other side of his vehicle. Rick is sent to an Atlanta hospital, goes into a coma, and when he wakes up everyone is dead or walking around eating people. WHAT? HOW? WHEN? No explanation, just people got fevers, died and came back with the need to eat flesh. Also no explanation of how it spread around the world. Wait, did it spread around the world? Has that been discussed? Maybe it’s just America.

They do the same thing in 28 Days Later. Guy is in a bicycle accident, goes into a coma, wakes up naked for some reason, everyone is dead or a raving lunatic. In this example, we know the virus came from chimps infected in a laboratory. And, for the record, they really aren’t “zombies” just really really pissed off individuals who have red eyes and vomit blood. But, the film makers still conveniently gloss over how it spread around the British Island.

Experts the field of virology and world epidemics have already stated that if some sort of zombie virus ever existed causing corpses to reanimate, there is very little chance of it spreading world wide and ending society. Police and military would be able to end any kind of outburst before it ever really starts. Airports would shut down (hopefully) keeping the spread localized. Not to mention, unless the zombie virus also comes with some kind of preservative, they would rot, be eaten by animals and maggots, and very quickly fall apart to the point of non functioning. Also their teeth would fall out, so, you’d be pretty safe from bites.

Zombie fiction is a great genre. One of my favorites by far. And, I plan on reading and watching not worrying about how it happened. However, I would also commend any author or screen writer who would be brave enough to write about the probably boring details of WHERE THE HELL DO ZOMBIES COME FROM?!?

Don’t you think we deserve it?

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I’m Pro-Life. Here’s My Reason

I wanted to start off by saying I do not want to end your right to have an abortion. Your body. Your choice. I understand the reasons for not keeping a pregnancy. I am not arguing with those reasons. I am not arguing with your rights. I am not looking for a debate. If you disagree with me, please keep it to yourself. If you support me, I’d love to hear from you.

I have a point of view that I have never heard anyone else say or write. I believe my point of view is valid and I would like to add it into the conversation.

The following is my personal opinion and belief.

I am a strong defender and fighter for women’s rights. The most hotly contested and argued topic on the tree of women’s rights is the branch of abortion. That branch is covered with twigs that makes it a tangled mess that people get caught in, scratched, and poked. The twigs go by the names of Human rights, Religion, Government, Politics, Rape, Health, Feminism, The Definition of Human, and probably hundreds of others. Nobody is able to climb onto this branch and not get a little hurt. For this reason, very few people want to discuss it for they risk much bloodshed and pain. There is a reason I have heard abortion referred to as “The A-Bomb”. Drop it into a conversation and the landscape quakes. I realize by writing this I am putting myself into the blast zone.

Because of this, I don’t want to jump into the area and discuss all of those topics that are impossible to win. I just want to deal with one.

Children are a blessing that some of us will never know.

I can not make a baby. My reproductive system never really developed. I have all the necessary bits, but they are nothing more than empty shells. I’ve never had a period and I had to take hormones when I was younger just to grow into a woman. There is absolutely no chance of having a baby for me.

There is a slight problem. I want to have a baby! I love children! I’m a teacher and a librarian. I have always surrounded myself with children. This isn’t a choice, this is a deep primal desire to be a mother. But, I can’t and it tears my heart to shreds.

Now, there are millions of other women that have an insane ability to have children. One sexual encounter and *pop* there’s a baby. A few months later *pop* another baby. *pop* *pop* *pop* They have a family worthy of a Reality TV show. How are there women out there that have no trouble at all and some of us that have no hope at all? Doesn’t seem very fair does it? I know we don’t live in a fair world and not everyone gets blessed equally, but it doesn’t make it any easier for those who are childless not by choice.

When I hear about someone getting an abortion, it kills me inside. She has the ability that I would give anything to have and she throws it away. Like a master painter creating the most beautiful awe inspiring work of art and lighting it on fire. I want to yell out. “Wait! I’ll take that painting! Don’t destroy it!” But, he sets it ablaze anyway. I’m yelling out “Wait! I’ll take your baby! I’ll give it a name and a home and all the love I can give!” But, it’s too late.

I know it’s not what women who terminate a pregnancy are doing, but I feel like I am being teased. Like an older sister saying “Oh, you want to play with my doll? Well you can’t have it!” Then she throws it out the window. I’d go out and get my own doll, but I just don’t have the ability.

Equally heartbreaking is the mother who gives birth to a beautiful child then locks in a room or leaves it with an unsuitable friend so they can go buy drugs or anything else. You have heard plenty of stories like this. Check out any news website and you will see a few examples like this or worse. Again, If she doesn’t want to take care of her child, I will! Some other childless couple will.

Children are a blessing. Not everyone feels that way, I know. They are loud, messy, annoying, expensive, and rude. They get in the way. A girl gets pregnant in high school, and yes, her life is going to take a different path from her friends. She might not be able to go out on the town, complete high school or college in the regular amount of time. She is going to get fat and sick. Covered in stretch marks and all sorts of other often undesirable characteristics. Believe me, I get it! It really really sucks and I completely understand why she would want to avoid all that. But, to me and millions of other women, the pain is worth the blessing in the long term.

My appeal is that you consider giving birth to your child and blessing someone who thought that kind of blessing would never happen to them. It’s your choice. I hope you understand, I am not telling anyone what to do. Your body, your choice. I just wanted to let you know that there is someone out there that is praying for you to bless them.

I pray for someone like that every day of my life.

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My First Time Skinny-Dipping

Please read this story from Nudist Mom 🙂

My First Time Skinny-Dipping.

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I’m Back.. Maybe.. I Think I Am.. I Hope

I am back!

I have been away for a while (clearly) but, I have missed all of my readers. And thank you so much for sticking with me even throughout my absence 🙂 You are the best readers in the world!

I have had some medial issues that have kept me away. I really really don’t want to go into too many details, and don’t ask, please, because I am still trying to figure things out myself. But to keep it really short, my daily life has been drastically changed, and I will have to find new ways to continue living the life that I love. Which I will. That is for certain! I will continue to be awesome, naked, and awesomely naked! I plan on getting back to writing the words in my heart and sharing the stories in my head.

All I want to say right now is be thankful for what you are able to do!

Some people can’t walk, some people can’t eat, some people can’t have the job they want, or the family they desire. If you are able to do something, no matter how small, be thankful for that ability, because there is a whole line of people who are waiting to take your unused talents. And trust me, you will miss them when they are gone.

Love to all of you!

Free The Nipples, Your Body, And Your Mind!

It’s A Wonderful World Out There And You Are A Part Of It! 🙂

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They Grow Up Fast

Maybe it’s just me, and it very well might be just me, but…

Are girls growing up a lot faster today?

Seriously! I have seen a lot of naked females in my 23 years. And, to be honest, when I was five, I thought 12 year old girls were adults. (Isn’t that funny how we think that) But, when I was a 13 year old nudist going to nude beaches with my mother and sisters I didn’t remember girls being so “grown up”. There are always exceptions. Ive always had tiny breasts and my older sister (and later my younger sister) grew watermelon sized breasts quite fast. But, as a whole it seemed to me that when I was between the ages of 12 and 15 all the girls around that age had rather small undeveloped breasts. More like puffy nipples than actual breasts. Then somewhere around 16 they started taking shape and becoming the form of breasts they would own for the rest of their younger life. (Sadly, as we all know, women only have a few years of fun and perky before things start moving South.) Maybe this wasn’t your experience, but that is what I seem to remember from my youth. You could easily determine a girls age by their relative body shape.

However, sometime not too long ago things seemed to change. Teenage girls began growing up so quickly. It happened so fast, I felt like I had fallen asleep for a decade and woken up to witness the events of today. There is a pretty good teenage population at the beaches I frequent, and I feel I have been provided with a pretty good cross-section of young females.

When I was 19 I was attempting to form a nudist social club for youth 18-22. Basically college aged. My intentions were to meet at the beach or at my house, hang out naked, and talk about issues. I started walking the beaches asking questions and inviting people who fit the right age group. This is when my lesson began.

I had already talked to some guys and gave them the information. Then I saw this girl. She had to be older than me. Quite tall with long legs and round developed breasts that sagged a little. I began talking to her, got her name, and all that small talk then I invited her to my group. “Oh, I’m in High School… I’m turning 15 next month.” *Jaw Dropped*

This trend continued. Girls with developed womanly bodies, only 14, 15, 16. All of them I guessed were at least 20. What happened? I saw a 13 year old girl with tits the same size as my 21 year old sister! Was she born with a “B” cup? Not only did this shock me, but made me feel quite the runt!

What happened? When did girls start growing up so fast? And what caused it?

I have heard more hormones in milk and meat that cause them to mature faster. But, could it be society as well? The things that 13 year old girls did 50 years ago seem to be quite different from what they do now. They are expected to grow up and become sexually active. Have their bodies somehow figured this out and decided to catch up?

I’m ranting, and didn’t really have a solid idea of what I was going to say.. But, seriously, why? What? Who? Where? When?

Does womanhood now start at 14?

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Poem: My Body Belongs To Me

My body belongs to me
Not to anyone but me
I should be able to live free
Express myself however I see

I should have the God given right
To choose the way I fight
And not live in fright
If you don’t agree with what I write

Breasts won’t kill
So take a pill
I’m expressing my free will
So don’t throw me downhill

For this I should not be lashed
Nor should my head be bashed
My name will not be trashed
Any my blood will not be splashed

No government can judge
Push me and I will not budge
I will rise out of the sludge
And I will continue to drudge

My body belongs to me
Not to anyone but me
I should be able to live free
Express myself however I see

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[interactive] arts rock!

Our Awesome Friend Felicity Jones @FelicitysBlog

Active Naturists

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion whether New York City has lost/ is losing its artistic scene and innovative atmosphere – see if this New York Times article can convince you otherwise. However, I’m happy to be involved with two local artists – Andy Golub and Shungaboy – who have a unique approach to art, which allows people to participate in art rather than being its passive consumer (not that there’s anything wrong with that, though).

Andy Golub is a renowned artist that often uses body as canvas, and he often makes a performance of the process itself too by painting bodies of (often non-professional) models at public places in New York. This is probably as interactive and public as art can get: you yourself may be transformed into a piece of art, in the middle of a busy street! Nudity certainly draws attention, but it also certainly makes…

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A poem of mine that I was asked to post.
It is a loving tribute to my favorite word.
WARNING: Not For The Faint Of Heart.
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Naked Before You

This is a poem I wrote a year ago as a way to introduce myself to my readers.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Naked Before You

I stand here naked before you
Go ahead, take a look
I am not hiding anything
I am an open book.

Take a look, I beg you
I have nothing to hide
I want you to explore me
My pages are open wide

There is not much to me
I am not special or unique
I am a human female
Did you think I was a freak?

My breasts are petite
My legs are thin and long
My muff is a little hairy
Do you see anything wrong?

No I don’t shave too often
I like to let is grow
It’s all part of my natural image
None of it for show

I don’t care if I embarrass you
I am just being real
I bet you look just like me
If your clothes I did steal

So take a look at me
I am everything you see
You have no place to judge
The fact I choose to live free

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